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Studying Abroad!

Hello friends. I am currently studying abroad in Chile! I have been here since February. If you’d like to check out my study abroad blog it is: Sydneylara.tumblr.com  :)

Anonymous asked: What was your overall GPA/SAT/ACT Score?

I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA and I think I got a 1850 on the SAT.

Anonymous asked: What are the students/overall community like at Point Loma? I'm really looking for a college that is very welcoming, warm, tight-knit.

If welcoming, warm, tight-knit is what you’re looking for, PLNU is the place for you. I can’t speak for every single student at the school but I can say that for the most part people are extremely friendly, inviting, and caring. I feel like everyone can find friends here. People are generally very accepting. And tight-knit is definitely what Point Loma is. I walk down caf lane (the main road that goes through campus) and pretty much always know at least one person (in reality it’s usually way more than that). And this isn’t because I’m some popular hot shot, but its really just how the school is and I think many students would agree with me!

Anonymous asked: Hello :) What effect has PLNU had on your spiritual life?

Oh man where do I begin? PLNU has really impacted me spiritually. I was definitely a Christian when I came here but I have learned and grown SOO much since I’ve been here. Part of that is natural- just getting older and also being away from my parents which really makes you figure out what you truly believe and why. But I would say being in an environment as positive and uplifting as PLNU is really a help as well. I’m surrounded by people that want to dig deep, ask questions, and grow deeper in their relationships with God. The faculty and staff are amazing as well. Also, I have the opportunity to be in either chapel or church at least four times a week which is unlike anywhere ever probably haha. So you’re just in this bubble of being spiritually fed if you want to be. It’s not always perfect though. I definitely had my fair share of struggles… but I think those make just as big of an impact, if not more, than the good times.

Anonymous asked: how could one contact you while you are in Chili? (twang)

Hi twang! Sorry I took so long to respond to this… but my study abroad blog is sydneylara.tumblr.com

also, my address here is:

Sydney Lara

ISA Valparaíso Office:

12 de Febrero 86

Valparaíso, Chile

Anonymous asked: What do people do on the weekends at Loma?

Lots to do! Try out different coffee shops, go to the beach, Cabrillo national monument, downtown San Diego, North Park, Ocean Beach (OB), Mission Beach, hiking, Mexico, trips with Great Escapes (an outdoor adventure club on campus), thrift shops… and much more!

Anonymous asked: Hi! I was just wondering how much money a prospective student should budget to spend throughout the semester. It seems like you're doing fun things each weekend, but does that add up quickly?? Also as a student transferring from a large public university and a bit of a wild past I was wondering how judgmental students are of things like that? I've heard rumors of judgement being rather harsh. The main thing i've heard is if you've had sex you are ostracized.

Hmm well I do a lot of fun things but a good amount of them are free. Surfing, hiking, walking around different towns… all free more or less. Well except gas and food. But I eat in the caf a lot so I don’t spend too much on food during the week. Also, I have an on campus job so really its not too bad. Basically you’re gona want money to buy some groceries, gas if you have a car, and then money for going out, shopping, etc.

As far as judgment, not a big problem in my experience. Although PLNU is a Christian school, there are so many different people with so many backgrounds and in such different places in their walk with the Lord. I would surely hope you do not feel judged in ANY way. That would break my heart because who are we to judge?? We are not perfect of course but in my opinion people are generally accepting.

Roomie Christmas picture date! We are dorks. I love these girls so much.

This past weekend was December Nights in Balboa Park. The place is huge and was filled with tons of people. It was really just fun to spend quality time with good friends.

This past weekend was December Nights in Balboa Park. The place is huge and was filled with tons of people. It was really just fun to spend quality time with good friends.

Anonymous asked: Hi! On your Loma Bloggers page you mentioned that your favorite memory at PLNU is your trip with Love Works. Could you give more details about your trip, what you did, the people you met and why it was your favorite memory? How do students get involved in that program and is it expensive? What places can students travel to?

Hey! I feel like there are a million things I can say about this but… First thing is Loveworks is a program on campus that plans mission trips for students. Anyone can get involved and it is well promoted so it’s easy to find out information and get involved if you are interested. They send groups of students all over the world and all to places where we have been invited by a local church. There are trips to countries on almost every continent usually-North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia… Also, they vary in cost but my trip was $4000 (it was the most expensive).

I went to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We spent three weeks visiting various local villages and playing with kids, speaking in churches, doing feeding ministries, helping lay foundations for new churches and schools, and just getting to know the local community. Our main mission was ministry of presence.. just being with people and showing love in that way. As a result we formed many deep relationships that we will never forget. Some of my favorite memories are singing songs and dancing with the kids and talking with Pastor Celestin (our host). I don’t think I can say that this trip changed my life, but it was definitely an experience I will NEVER forget. The faces of the people I really bonded with are forever in my heart. I still think about the Congo regularly.

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